The voice, charisma and talent of Aida Cuevas has led to one of the most important careers in traditional Mexican and Latin American music. Aida Cuevas is everything that a great artist and singer could ever dream to be. Celebrating 40 years as a performing artist, “The Queen of Ranchera Music” has been honored by numerous presidents, kings, queens, governments and the most prestigious institutions in the world. A Latin Grammy winner with multiple nominations, she has created a long list of gold and platinum records with 37 solo albums to her name.

Ms. Cuevas began to sing in amateur contests at the age of 11 and was quickly recognized for her talent. Her first national exposure came on the seminal radio program El Taller XEW in 1975 at the age of 12. One year later she was singing in Europe, the beginning of many activities that led her to be known as “The Voice of Mexico” at a very young age.

Also referred to as “The Maximum Exponent of Mexican Music,” she has brought traditional Mexican music to four continents and into the some of the world’s most important venues, including the Auditorio Nacional de México, el Palacio de Bellas Artes, Madison Square Garden and the Hollywood Bowl, to name just a few. She has shared the stage with countless internationally acclaimed performers and has been invited to perform for Gerald Ford, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, the Shah of Iran, Pierre Trudeau, the King and Queen of Spain, Sean Connery and for every Mexican president since 1975.

The unique voice and style of Aida Cuevas have given her a long and successful career promoting the music of her beloved Mexico: for every audience, in every show, she always leaves the greatest impression of Mexican culture.