David Danzmayr

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David Danzmayr

Chamber Orchestra with David Danzmayr

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JOHANN STRAUSS, JR.: An der schönen blauen Donau (On the Beautiful Blue Danube), Op. 314
LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN: Symphony No. 7 in A Major, Op. 92


David Danzmayr, Chief Conductor of the Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra starting this season, has served as assistant conductor of the Royal Scottish National Orchestra. He is also Music Director of ProMusica Chamber Orchestra. A 2nd prize winner at the 2013 International Gustav Mahler Conducting Competition, Mr. Danzmayr has also been a prize winner at the International Malko Conducting Competition. He has served as assistant to Neeme Järvi, Sir Andrew Davies and Pierre Boulez, and he led the SDSO’s performance of Stravinsky’s Firebird in 2015-16.

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Sarah Houghton

I loved his program choices, and thought he executed them magically. His introduction at the beginning of the show also provided welcome color and food for thought during and after the production. His animation and feeling resonated. I laughed, I cried, and when I got home that night, my cheeks hurt from smiling.


Last night's concert was exquisite! I enjoyed the intro made by the guest conducter (funny) and of course our musicians are exceptional. There was a point the pianississimo in the strings was so soft, so tender, I was in awe. I loved the 2nd movement of the Beethoven... the way the music moved through the sections like waves. I also very much enjoyed watching the conductor- fluid, like dance! Thank you for a great night!


We enjoyed this concert very much. We felt the conductor was very good, it seemed like he was literally drawing the music and emotion out of the musicians. The Orchestra was excellent. We were moved by all three pieces, especially the Tausky, having never heard it before. The ending was memorable.

Billie Frances

Dynamic, passionate, inspired leadership brought out the best in the performers. A joy to hear and experience. Enjoyed his connection with the audience to begin the evening. I would happily return to the symphony for a season of David's conducting.