Lahav Shani

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Lahav Shani

The Classical Style

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PROKOFIEV: Symphony No. 1: Classical
HAYDN: Sinfonia Concertante for Oboe, Bassoon, Violin and Violoncello
BARTÓK: Concerto for Orchestra


Lahav Shani won first prize at the 2013 Gustav Mahler International Conducting Competition in Bamberg. He has recently been appointed Principal Guest Conductor of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and Chief Conductor of the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra. In December 2015 he stepped in, at short notice, for an indisposed Franz Welser-Möst for concerts with the Vienna Philharmonic in the Musikverein. Also a pianist, he has been mentored by Daniel Barenboim.


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Ivan Schwartz

Thoroughly enjoyed this young man's interpretations and energy - DO INVITE AGAIN!

Gerald Shenk

I very much liked this conductor. Maestro Shani put together a well-balanced and coherent program that showed great respect for the members of the San Diego Symphony, showing off individual members as soloists, and drawing excellent ensemble playing from the whole orchestra. His conducting was dynamic, but never seemed calculated to draw attention to himself. In other words, he served the music and, especially with the Bartok, showed what a wonderful orchestra the San Diego Symphony has become.