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San Diego Symphony provides many resources for instructors who wish to prepare their students for their special day at the symphony.  Some commonly asked questions are answered here.


Docent Visits

Advocates for Classical Music (ACFM) is a non-profit organization established in 1996 to help build future audiences for classical music.  Its dedicated docents introduce school children to the instruments of the orchestra and music they will hear when they attend a San Diego Symphony Young People's Concert.  They also provide teachers with a recording of the music and a curriculum guide for additional instruction.  The visits, curriculum guide, and cd are all offered free of charge.  Request a docent for your class by checking the appropriate box on the YPC reservation form or by emailing AFCM's Education Vice President, Aveline von Ehrenberg at



The San Diego Symphony currently has a fund to help certain schools with transportation to our YPC's.  If you need this assistance, or would like more information, please let us know by checking the appropriate box on the YPC reservation form

Please note:  Because we want to assist as many schools as possible with limited funds, our policy is to help either with the cost of transportation or the cost of tickets.


Teacher's Guides

To further enhance your student's experiences in Copley Symphony Hall for upcoming Berton Family Young People's Concerts, please download a current Teacher's Guide.


Please check back in September for current teacher's guides.


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