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San Diego Symphony currently has a fund to help certain schools with transportation to our Young People's Concerts.  If your school needs this assistance, let us know by checking the appropriate box on the reservation form.  Please note: Because the Symphony wants to assist as many schools as possible with limited funds, our policy is to help either with the cost of transportation or the cost of tickets.



Advocates for Classical Music (AFCM) offer docent visits at your school site approximately two weeks before your concert date.  These 30-45  minute presentations are fun and informative, extending the educational value of the Young People's Concert.  Typical visits include one or two volunteers who will introduce your students to the instrumental families of the orchestra, engage them in fun listening activities using the music you’ll hear on the concert and discuss concert manners. Docents also provide teachers with a recording of the music and a curriculum guide for additional instruction. Docent visits are offered free of charge to all schools attending the YPCs.  To request a docent for your class, check the appropriate box on the YPC reservation form or email AFCM's Vice President of Education, Aveline von Ehrenberg at



We invite you to bring your students to these educational and entertaining concerts performed in beautiful, historic Copley Symphony Hall.  All performances are approximately 50 minutes long and are most appropriate for grades 2-8.  Ticket prices are $5 per student.  One free ticket is given to an adult chaperone (teacher, aid or parent volunteer) for every 10 student tickets purchased.  Additional adults pay $5 each.

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YPC 1: "Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra"

with Guest Conductor Christopher Rountree

Wed., October 16, and Thurs., October 17, 2013

(10:00 and 11:30 a.m. each day)

To make symphonic music, you need the four families of the orchestra – woodwind, brass, strings and percussion.  But where do you find beautiful tunes?  In this concert we’re going on a quest: looking back to different eras for inspiration, searching for beautiful old melodies and making them new again.  Featuring Benjamin Britten’s “Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra."

Click HERE for complete program information.

CURRICULUM CONNECTION: VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts)

YPC 2: "Everyday Heroes"

with Associate Conductor Ken-David Masur



What does it take to be a hero?  Courage? Determination? Superhuman strength? In this concert you'll hear how Copland, Beethoven, Rossini and others have depicted heroes in music.

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CURRICULUM CONNECTION: Social Studies and American History

Celebrating MLK, Jr. Day

YPC 3: "SDS & Project Trio: Beethoven and the Boys"

with Associate Conductor Ken-David Masur

Wed., April 9 (10:00 a.m. only) and Thurs., April 10, 2014 (10:00 and 11:30 a.m.)

Have you ever wanted to break the rules? Do something totally different?  In this concert, you'll learn how Beethoven rebelled against traditions and created his own vision of symphonic music. 

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CURRICULUM CONNECTION:  VAPA (Visual and Performing Arts)

Project Trio performing "Winter in June" with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra:
Project Trio also performing "Fast" with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra: 


Advocates for Classical Music is a non-profit organization that was established in 1996 to build future audiences for classical music.  These dedicated volunteers provide presentations to school children who attend the San Diego Symphony’s Young People’s Concerts.  Docent programs are available by contacting Aveline von Ehrenberg, Education Vice-President with the Advocates for Classical Music, at


Ticket underwriting is provided by the following organizations, companies and foundations:
Advocates for Classical Music, Fidelity Investments, County Employees' Charitable Organization, Leichtag Family Foundation, Ryde Family Memorial Fund and The Tippett Foundation.


Good manners are essential in every situation.  Concert Manners Guide is included here.

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