Annual Fund

Annual Fund

The San Diego Symphony Orchestra is your orchestra,
and we need you to help to Make the Music Happen.

The San Diego Symphony is known for bringing music to San Diego through our summer and winter seasons, but our work touches peoples’ lives far beyond the doors of our concert hall. Our music education reaches into every neighborhood. These are the places where our musicians live—where they teach your children, play in your churches, and perform in your local ensembles. We are a part of the fabric of your community.
With a successful Piano Festival, popular new Jazz Series, exciting summer line-up and wide array of guest artists and conductors this year, the Symphony’s ticket sales are reaching new heights. But ticket sales alone are not enough to make the music happen. None of our programs can exist without your support. Please contribute today to help music thrive in your community.

With your generous support, music can continue to thrive in the lives of San Diegans.



Here’s How It Works

Your gift will fund and enhance our concerts and programs all over San Diego!



Can we count on YOU to Help Make the Music Happen?



For more Information

For more information, please call the San Diego Symphony team at 619-615-3901 
or email us at We thank you for your support!