January 11 — February 11, 2018

Steven Schick, Festival Curator

What is this festival about?

It’s about the rich world of rhythm. It’s about the way we hear musical time!  It’s about the myriad ways percussion music connects us to the world and to nature.  It’s about living in natural time!  It’s about listening to the sounds of the outside world, to our own heartbeats, to noises of contemporary life. It’s about time in the 21st century! Our festival is about how sound can convey emotion and deepen the connections among us all.  It’s about how time binds us to each other!  It’s about a fertile and interconnected web of musical partners—musicians, audiences and institutions—spanning all of San Diego.  It’s About Time!

For your ease and convenience, CLICK HERE to purchase a package for the “It’s About Time Festival” performances, lectures and tours. Please note: package page is hosted by San Diego Opera, one of the festival participants. You will be required to login/register @ SD Opera in order to buy a package. Revenue from ticket purchases will be distributed to the participating festival arts organization.

San Diego Union-Tribune's major preview story for "It's About Time"

Press Release for "It's About Time" Festival

The “It’s About Time” Festival is supported in part by a grant from the American Orchestra’s Futures Fund, a program of the League of American Orchestras made possible by funding from the Anne & Gordon Getty Foundation.

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Presenting Organization Fresh Sound

Location Bread and Salt
1955 Julian Ave, San Diego, CA 92113
Questions? 619.987.6214 or

JAN 11, 7:30PM | JAN 18, 7:30PM | JAN 25, 7:30PM Percussion Lovefest

San Diego surfs on waves of rhythm! As an international city, its percussionists are as varied as its citizens. Join us for three special Thursday events at Bread and Salt (January 11, January 18, January 25) as Bonnie Wright's Fresh Sound series showcases local percussion talent from jazz drummers to symphonic musicians to old-style marching music. From Brazil to Africa to the Americas – it's going to be a Percussion Lovefest! These events are curated by Duncan Moore and Steven Schick.

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Thank you to our series partners

  • art pwr
  • Athenaeum Music & Arts Library
  • Fresh Sound
  • La Jolla Symphony & Chorus
  • La Jolla Music Society
  • red fish blue fish
  • UC San Diego
  • San Diego Opera
  • Las Patronas