Renting Jacobs Music Center

The following information is provided to assist you in planning your event at Jacobs Music Center / Copley Symphony Hall. Should you need additional information or wish to pursue renting the Hall, please contact Dennis Legg at or 619.615.3916. You may also contact Chris Muñoz at or 619.236.5406.

Item Description Cost
Ticket Office Services Ticket Office staff builds the performance in SDSO database (Tessitura) and makes tickets available for sale $850 (with standard setup chart)
Ticket Stock Only stock provided by SDSOA $0.25 per ticket printed
House Restoration Fee   $2.00 per ticket sold / attendee
Event Website Presence Event is included as a listing on our website calendar (included as part of Ticket Office fee)  $0

Event Website Presence -

Dedicated landing page on our website with detailed information and image $1,000
Lobby Screens Event included on all JMC lobby screens (15) the day/evening of event (SDSO screens in lobby to remain as part of rotation)  $750 
Lobby Screen Design Charge incurred if SDSO staff must create/adapt lobby screen art  $120/hr

E-mail Publicity for Event -

Dedicated email blast to targeted SDSO email list of 40K email addresses (maximum of 3 blasts over 6 weeks)   $250 per send

E-mail Publicity for Event -

Inclusion in SDSO monthly e-newsletter to 70K email addresses $75 per inclusion
Facebook Info Posting Facebook – posting of content-related information about event $150 per post
Facebook Sales Posting Facebook – posting of specific promotion of the event to sell tickets $500 per post 
Twitter Posts Not Available NA
Instagram Posts Not Available NA
Stage Crew Please request IATSE Estimate TBD per IATSE Local #122
Strike or Restore Shell, Ceiling & Orchestra strike and restore are often necessary. $1200 (labor estimate); call for details.
Piano Concert grand $325
Piano Tuning   $175
Follow Spots (2) SuperTrouper  Xenon  Medium Throw $250 each
Lectern Wood collegiate or tall lecture $30
Projectors (2) Sony 7500 $650
Screen A - 9' x 12' motorized, roll-down $75
Screen B - 24' x 50' movie screen $125
Screen (2) C - 10' x 14' rear projection $75 each
Screen D - 10' x 17' 9" front projection $75 each
Screen (2) Vertical front projection, call for dimensions $75 each
Cyclorama 30' x 60', white, seamless $350
Copley Symphony Hall Rental Hall rental hours are from 8am – 12 midnight $2,500 vs. 10% of gross ticket sales, whichever is greater, capped at $4,500 for non-profit organizations and at $5,500 for commercial organizations.
Technical Day (no performers or audience on site) $1,250
Rehearsal / Sound Check Day (with performers or audience on site) $1,750
Gould Room 41' x 26'. Elegant room for private parties. Capacity 70. $250 with Hall Rental
$400 without Hall Rental
Lobby Rental Only Upper Lobby capacity: 120 seated; 235 standing
Lower Lobby capacity: 250 seated; 496 standing

Utilities Surcharge Offset cost of utilities $500 per day
Front of House Services House Manager and Ushers $800
Building Engineer Must be present when building in use $21.50 per hour
Security Minimum of two $19 to $25 per hour per guard - call for additional information.
Custodial Services Restroom Porters, Cleaning Crew and Supplies $800 - $1,000 depending on event, call for details.
Tables 8' x 30" $8 each
Skirting & Linens   $12 per set
Chairs Straight back or molded $1.00 per chair
Telephone service (backstage) 3 phone lines on stage level $100 each
Wi-Fi Available backstage $100




Alcoholic beverages and coffee are available for sale in the Jacobs Music Center lobbies before the concerts and during intermission. Refreshment bars staffed by Snake Oil Cocktail Co. offering snacks and beverages are located on both upper and lower lobbies for most events. Lidded soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and on some concerts bottled water are allowed in the performance chamber during performances Please note that all beverages must have a lid in place to enter the chamber. Food is only allowed in certain concert events and some rental concerts have special considerations, check with ushers at your event to be sure. Please have valid identification available and please drink responsibly. 


  • Seating—ADA seating for both transfer and non-transfer wheelchairs, as well as restrooms, are available at each performance. Please notify the Ticket Office in advance at 619.235.0804, so that an usher may assist you. 
  • Assistive Listening Devices—A limited number of hearing enhancement devices are available at no cost. Please ask an usher for assistance. 
  • Large-Print Programs—Large-print program notes are available for patrons at all Jacobs Masterworks concerts. Copies may be obtained from an usher.
  • Public Restrooms and Telephones—Restrooms are located on the north and south ends of the upper lobby, and the north end of the lower lobby. An ADA compliant restroom is located on each floor. Please ask an usher for assistance at any time. Patrons may contact the nearest usher to facilitate any emergency telephone calls.


Complimentary cough suppressants are available to symphony patrons. Please ask our house staff for assistance.


Valet parking is available for all Friday night and Saturday night Jacobs Masterworks concerts on B Street in front of Symphony Towers, provided by AMPCO System Parking. (Donor valet parking is serviced at the 7th Avenue entrance for all Masterworks concerts, check with the Development Department for eligibility requirements.)


Report all lost and/or found items to your nearest usher. If you have discovered that you misplaced something after your departure from Symphony Hall, call the Facilities Department at 619.615.3909.


Patrons holding tickets to our Jacobs Masterworks Series concerts are invited to come early for “What’s The Score?” pre-performance conversations with Nuvi Mehta beginning 45 minutes prior to all Jacobs Masterworks programs (Fridays and Saturdays, 7:15 pm; Sundays, 1:15 pm).


Free tours of the Jacobs Music Center are given each month of the downtown season (October through May). Call 619.615.3955 for more details. No reservations are necessary. 


The Jacobs Music Center has some limited catering facilities available for use by certified outside caterers for special events in the Donor Room, Grand Tier Lobby and lower lobby. Please contact the Facilities Department at 619.615.3909 for more details.