San Diego Children's Choir

Founded in 1990, the San Diego Children's Choir is the area's oldest and largest choral training program serving children ages four–18 at locations throughout San Diego County.

The San Diego Children’s Choir provides children with music education and performance opportunities that foster performance excellence and collaboration at the highest artistic level, nurturing individual development and creating a foundation for lifelong success. The Choir enriches the cultural fabric of San Diego County through the transformative power of music.

Our instructors are passionate about providing the highest quality of music education. Music literacy is taught at every level and includes healthy vocal technique, pitch matching, sight reading music, identifying structural elements and working well as a group. For our choristers, that translates to confidence, poise and cooperation.

The San Diego Children's Choir teaches music education through creative rehearsal techniques that engage the whole child in healthy vocal production and music literacy as well as encouraging self-confidence and a sense of community and belonging. San Diego Children's Choir choristers also gain leadership skills during their time in the choir that are nurtured through opportunities in rehearsal and, at the older levels, through formal leadership roles. Because of their training, San Diego Children's Choir choristers have the tools to pursue a wide variety of musical outlets, and the confidence to pursue their goals!