Exclusive Look: San Diego’s New Bayside Venue Coming July 2020

The San Diego Symphony is thrilled to bring you the first and only permanent waterfront venue on the West Coast, right here in San Diego.

Construction for this architectural and acoustical beauty is underway!

We are building a special place for all San Diegans to enjoy together—where culture meets nature, and lasting memories are made with music and food under the stars. Gorgeous facilities, improved amenities and expansive grounds are just the beginning of what’s in store for you next summer.

The venue itself is a work of art, with many technologies working in unison to elevate the music. For example, a Meyer Constellation sound system will provide electronically-enhanced acoustics on stage for orchestral performances, chamber music, Broadway musicals and popular artists alike. With state-of-the-art sound, lighting and staging, the Symphony will attract bigger names and brighter talent than ever before.

Get ready to hear, see and feel the difference.

Map of seating arrangement of new Bayside Performance Park

  • Aesthetically and acoustically pleasing concert shell design

    Designed to complement the San Diego Convention Center sails and surrounding downtown skyline, the shell funnels the music directly to you in the audience.

  • Sunset steps and patio

    Take in stunning bay views directly behind the performance stage. This is one of the many areas that will be open to the public during non-event hours.

  • 13,000-square-foot covered stage

    A larger stage enables us to show a wider variety of musical presentations.

  • Exceptional back-of-house facilities

    We’re ready to attract even more A-list artists and further enhance your San Diego Symphony experience.

  • Coronado Row

    Entertain in style with private tableside service.

  • Flexible seating (2,000–10,000)

    Small shows will feel more intimate and large shows will feel more immersive. We’re expecting the average attendance to be approximately 3,100 per event.

  • Terraced seating

    We designed the venue so that every seat offers an unobstructed view, with several LED lighting towers, video walls and a large center screen to complement the music.

  • A culinary experience for all to enjoy!

    Renowned chef Richard Blais returns with his sumptuous summer menus, plus expect even more deliciously diverse choices from San Diego’s beloved foodscape at a range of prices.

  • New public restrooms and park enhancements

    No more porta-potties. Plus, many additional amenities that will make for a vibrant and laid-back gathering place, especially during Bayside Summer Nights.

  • 12-foot public promenade

    Arrive early for your show and take a stroll along the water. The current promenade will be expanded around the venue.

  • Sustainable landscaping

    In California, every drop of water conservation helps. Sand-based synthetic turf will reduce water consumption in the seating area while still looking and feeling like grass.

  • A park inside a park!

    Bayside Performance Park will soon be the centerpiece of Embarcadero Marina Park South, creating both a world-class destination and a welcoming community gathering space.

Learn more at https://www.sandiegosymphony.org/bpp2020/

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