Annual Giving Honor Roll

The Musicians, members of the Board of Directors and the Administrative Staff wish to gratefully acknowledge the growing list of friends who give so generously to support the San Diego Symphony.
To make a gift, please call 619.615.3908.
The San Diego Symphony Honor Roll is updated quarterly. The following listing reflects gifts entered as of September 30, 2020.

San Diego Foundation    Rancho Santa Fe Foundation     Jewish Community Foundation    Deceased ⟡

Stradivarius Circle: $100,000 and Above

Rita and Richard Atkinson
Kathy Taylor and Terry Atkinson
Rafaela and John Belanich
City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture
Phyllis and Daniel Epstein
Sam B. Ersan
Dr. Seuss Fund 
Joan and Irwin Jacobs 
Dorothea Laub
The Conrad Prebys Foundation
Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation
Doctor Bob and Mao Shillman

Maestro Circle: $50,000-$99,999

County of San Diego
Una Davis and Jack McGrory
Silvija and Brian Devine
Shirley Estes
Esther and Bud Fischer 
Pam and Hal Fuson
Karen and Warren Kessler
Dr. William and Evelyn Lamden
Carol Lazier and James Merritt
The Parker Foundation
Linda and Shearn Platt 
Price Philanthropies
Penny and Louis Rosso
Karen and Kit Sickels
Karen and Jeff Silberman,
   Silberman Family Fund 
Gayle and Donald Slate 
Dave and Phyllis Snyder
Gloria and Rodney Stone
Haeyoung Tang
Sylvia and Roger Thieme
Jayne and Bill Turpin
Vail Memorial Fund
Mitchell Woodbury

Robert Shaw Circle: $25,000-$49,999

Pam and Jerry Cesak
Nikki A. and Ben G. Clay
Karen and Donald Cohn
Karin and Gary Eastham
Anne L. Evans
Lisette and Mick Farrell/
   Farrell Family Foundation
Barbara Kjos
Sandra and Arthur Levinson 
Barbara and Harry Markowitz
National Endowment for the Arts
Monica and Robert Oder
Elizabeth and Dene Oliver
Deborah Pate and John Forrest
Allison and Robert Price 
Pamela and Stephen Quinn
Raghu and Shamala Saripalli
Susan Sharin and Laurina Young
Darlene Shiley
Elaine Galinson & Herbert Solomon 
Sue and Bill Weber 
Kathryn and James Whistler 
Sheryl and Harvey White

Virtuoso Circle: $10,000-$24,999

Charles Barany and Willis Larkin
Warren and Eloise Batts
Alan Benaroya
Jim and Jill Berg
David Bialis
Barbara Bloom
Dr. Anthony Boganey
Gordon Brodfuerer
Julia Richardson Brown Foundation
California Arts Council
California Bank & Trust
CalPrivate Bank
County of San Diego Board of Supervisors
David C. Copley Foundation
Kathleen Seely Davis
Ellen Browning Scripps Foundation
Evans Hotels
Norman Forrester and Bill Griffin
Martha and William Gilmer
Kimberly and Jeffrey Goldman
Jill Gormley and Laurie Lipman
Janet and Wil Gorrie
Judith Harris and Dr. Robert Singer
Laurie Sefton Henson
Carol and Richard Hertzberg
Hervey Family Fund 
Marilyn James and Richard Phetteplace
The Kenneth T. and
   Eileen L. Norris Foundation
Jo Ann Kilty
Brooke and Dan Koehler
Carol Ann and George Lattimer
Jeffrey E. Light
Mandell Weiss Foundation
Mark C. Mead
Rich Paul and Rena Minisi/
   Paul, Plevin, Sullivan & Connaughton,
Riley Mixson
National Endowment for the Arts
Val and Ron Ontell
Maryanne and Irwin Pfister
Jane and Jon Pollock
Evelyn and Ernest Rady
ResMed Foundation
Sheli and Burton Rosenberg
Ryan Family Charitable Foundation
The San Diego Union-Tribune
SDG&E Sempra Energy
Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek
Jayne and Brigg Sherman
Stephen M. Silverman
Hon. Stephanie Sontag and
   Hon. David Oberholtzer
Jeanette Stevens
Iris and Matthew Strauss
Dr. Miriam and Gene Summ
Elizabeth and Joseph Taft
   Revocable Trust 
R.V. Thomas Family Fund 
Ingrid M. Van Moppes
Isabelle and Mel Wasserman
Welk Resort
Margarita and Philip Wilkinson
Judy Gaze-Zygowicz and John Zygowicz

Orchestra Circle: $5,000-$9,999

Carol Rolf and Steven Adler
Lyndsey and Allan W. Arendsee
Arthur J. Gallagher Insurance
Dr. Thomas Beers
Edgar and Julie Berner
The Bjorg Family
Dr. Paul Black and Mrs. Evelyn Truitt
Jeff Bradley
Sophie Bryan and Matthew Lueders
Wendy Burk
California Arts Council
Joseph Caso
Linda and Richard Claytor
Melvin Cohn
Scott Dale
George and Jan DeVries
Karen Dow
Berit and Tom Durler
Walt Fidler
Monica Fimbres
Gertrude B. Fletcher
Elizabeth "Nancy" Gaffrey
Nancy and Mike Garrett
Dr. Joyce Gattas
Lynn and Charles Gaylord
Alison Frost Gildred and George Gildred
Vicki Garcia-Golden and Tim Jeffries
Charles Gyselbrecht
Ann and Ben Haddad
Phyllis and Gordon Harris
Susan and Paul Hering
Marla Hess
Nancy and Ross Stephen Howard
James B. Idell and
   Deborah C. Streett-Idell
Angela and Matthew Kilman
Krumholz Family Trust
Sig and Helen Kupka
Nancy and William Kurimay
Adele and Michael Lapadula
Robert Leone
Pamela Hamilton Lester
Terry and Tom Lewis
Eileen Mason
Menard Family Foundation
Merrill Lynch
Lynn Miller
Helga S. Moore
Nancy and Robert Morgan
Morrison & Foerster
Tucker Sadler Architects
Alex and Jenny Ning
Dave and Jean Perry
Gail Lee Powell
Arlene Quaccia
Marie Raftery and
   Dr. Robert Rubenstein 
Sandy and Greg Rechtsteiner
Cathy and Lawrence Robinson
Mary Rodriguez
Rudolph & Sletten, Inc.
Jennifer and Eugene Rumsey Jr. M.D.
Harold and Evelyn Schauer
Chris and Kris Seeger
The Stainrook Foundation
DeAnne Steele and Carlo Barbara
Diane and Bill Stumph
Jack Thomas
Niki and George Thorsen
Stephen L. Tierney
R. Vilkutaitis
Dr. Robert D. Wallace
K. Nikki Waters 
Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati
Penny Wing and Victor Nacif
Chester Yamaga
Drs. Larry and Mara Ybarrondo
Anna and Edward Yeung
Joan Zecher


Tania and Greg Batson
Lisa Marie and Michael Brooks
Loyce Bruce
DeAnn Cary and Bill Jech
Barbara and John Edgington
Ellen G. and
   Edward G. Wong Family Foundation
Anna and Tom Fay
Maria Carrera and Corey Fayman
Deborah Reynolds Frank and Jim Frank
Cait and Craig Griffin
Cindi Harris
Roger Karnopp
Sylvia and Jaime Liwerant 
Sally and Luis Maizel
Lois Richmond 
The Ryde Family Memorial Foundation
Samuel I. and
   John Henry Fox Foundation
Lari Sheehan
Daniel Soto
Norton S. and Barbara Walbridge Fund
Rosemary Ward
Jo and Howard Weiner
Rebecca and Gary Welch
Joseph Witztum
Claudia and Paul Zimmer

Concerto Circle: $1,000-$2,499

K. Andrew Achterkirchen
B.J. Adelson
John and Ofelia Alksne
Patricia and Brian Armstrong
Joe Baressi Jr.
Rusti Bartell
Leslie Bassett
Rena and Behram Baxter
Lauren Lee Beaudry
Stephen and Michele Beck-von-Peccoz
Sondra Berk
Rosanne B. and W. Gregory Berton
Betty and Robert Beyster
Barbara Boggio and Lisa Rhodes
Amanda and Philip Bonham
Benjamin Brand
Joseph H. Brooks and Douglas Walker
Linda Silverman and Ercil Brown
Donna and Ken Bullock
Dr. Robert Bullock and Sue Ellen Bullock
John M. Burns and Dr. CC Cameron
Rebekah and Glen Campbell
Barbara and Salvatore Capizzi
G. Cole Casey, Esquire
Angela Chilcott
City of Encinitas
Hilda and Neal Cohen
Colwell Family Fund 
Community Service Association of San Diego City Schools
Jeanette and Hal Coons
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Coutts
Dean M. Crowder
Dr. Karen Curd
Dr. Peter Czipott and Marisa SorBello
Ann Davies
Steven Davis
Martha and Edward Dennis
Anne and Charles Dick
Ann Green Diggdon
Susan Dube
Emergent Biosolutions
Morey A. Feldman & Jeanne D. Feldman
   Family Endowment Fund 
Nomi Feldman
Max Fenstermacher
Linda Anne Ferguson
Marilyn Field
Dr. William Frank
Susan and John Fratamico
Judith Fullerton
Richard and Sharon Gabriel 
Joyce Glazer
Gisela F Gosch
Dr. Carol August Butler and
   Dr. Lawrence B. Gratt
Sally and Dave Hackel
Noel and Fred Hafer
Lynne and Steve Hamontree
Ann Marie and William Haney
Stephanie and John Hanson
Sharon and Garry Hays
Ruth Hayward
Derek Helton
Nancy and David Herrington
Suzanne and Lawrence Hess
Judith and Verne E. Hildebrand
Peggy and John Holl
Nancy and Bill Homeyer
Maryka and George Hoover
Jamie Henson and Robert Houskeeper
Julie Hutchinson
Bjorn and Brigette Jensen
Virginia and Peter Jensen
Gary Jetter and Zella Kahn-Jetter
Jimbo's... Naturally!
Louise Kasch, Constance Dyak and
   Marcia Ince
Barbara M. Katz
Maurice Kawashima
Thomas Kelly
Julia Kenyon
Anona Kuehne
Gail Lauzon
Joseph K. Drag and Karen L. Lee
Greg Lemke
Gayle M. Lennard
Ann Leonard
Littman Family Fund of the
   Jewish Community Foundation
Jennifer Luce
Patricia Mahtani
Deborah and Fred Mandabach
Sandra Smelik and Larry Manzer
Robert and Patricia McCommins
Katy McDonald
Joseph McGonigle
Susan and Douglas McLeod
Karyn Meletis
Julie and James Merkel
Elena M. Mickelson
Dr. Sandra E. Miner
Martha and Chuck Moffett
Karen and Michael Mudgett
Tom and Anne Nagel
Nick Newcombe
David and Judith Nielsen
Dr. J. Nicholas Nowak
Sam Patella
Pratt Memorial Fund
Jim Price and Joan Sieber
Auguste M. Quaintance
Drs. Marilyn Friesen and Michael Rensink
Christa and Gerald Reynolds
Ruth Reznikoff
Theodore E. Roberts
Sandra and Bob Rosenthal
Gloria and Dean Saiki
Marilies Shoepflin
Barbara and Lawrence Sherman 
Marivi Shivers
Jillian Sidoti
Julie and Gilbert Sih
Linda Silverman
The Simon Family Trust
Loretta Adams and William Snyder
Larry and Pamela Stambaugh
Sharon E. Starr
Steve and Carmen Steinke
John E. Sturla II
Shankar Subramaniam and
   Annamaria Calabro
Kay and Cliff Sweet
Paula Tallal and Colleen Osburn
Kathy and Ross Tanner
Dr. and Mrs. Howard R. Toole
Joan Urdan
Diana and Roger Van Duzer
Dr. Jeffrey and Barbara Wasserstrom
Margaret Weigand
Shirli Weiss
Ellen and Bill Whelan
White and Bright, LLP
David A. Wood
Karen and Rod Wood
Luann and Brian E. Wright
Naima and Mike Yelda
Maria and Randy Zack
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Ziring
Leo and Emma Zuckerman

Sonata Circle: $500-$999

Alana and Roger Albertson
June and Daniel Allen
Ellie and David Alpert
Amber Anderson
Arleene Antin and Leonard Ozerkis
Joseph Ascenzi
Nancy Assaf
Elaine Baldwin and Carl Nelson
Joan and Robert Barr
Patricia and Bruce Becker
Barry and Emily Berkov
Jerry and Karen Blakely
Kimberley and Marcus Boehm
Robert Boltax
Stephen and Priscilla Bothwell
Alyssa Brzenski
Shirley Cantu
William Carrick
Dr. Terry Cashmore
Helen and Frank Cavignac
Carol and Stephen Center
Lynne Champagne
Tanya and Sutton Chen
Stan Clayton
Dr. Sheryl Cramer
Richard and Sheryl Donaldson
Richard G. Dooley
Douglas P. Doucette
Elizabeth and Richard Dreisbach
Lucien Dupont
Florence Nemkov and
   Dr. Bernard Eggertsen
Jeane Erley
Joel Ewan and Carol Spielman-Ewan
George Fern
Richard Forsyth and Katherine Leonard
Jean Fort
Linda Fortier
Judith and Dr. William Friedel
Cindy Furlong
Kenneth F. Gibsen Memorial Fund 
Gomez Family
Asher Gorelik
David Greenberg and Nick Carrino
Marilyn Friesen and John Greenbush
Carrie and James Greenstein
Torrey and Susan Harmon
Richard Harms
Ruth and James Harris Fund 
Ray Henderson
Mert and Joanne Hill
Barbara and Paul Hirshman
Janet and Clive Holborow
Gurdon Hornor
Marcia Hughes
Terence Hwa
Nancy Janus
Jay Jeffcoat
Robert Jentner
Bruce A. Johnson
Mary and Joseph Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Jordan
Margaret Katleman 
Ron Kemp
The Knauff-Raykowski Household
Sandria and Stephen Kohl
Jeremy Kolins
Sue Lasbury and John Cochran
"Mimi" Lee
Veronica and Miguel Leff
Lewis Leicher
Hongder Lin
Lucy Loftin
Claudia Lowenstein
Kris and Pam Mallory and Linda Dawson
Sue Marberry
Beverly and Harold Martyn
David McCall and Bill Cross
Irene and Chris McCann
Judith McConnell
Mrs. Judith McGreevy
Ellen Meier
James and Estelle Milch
Patricia Moises
Judith Morgan
Phillip Musser
Joseph Musumeci
Adrian and Lorna Nemcek
Katherine and Matt Novak
Don and Judy Oliphant
Virginia Oliver
Robert Kovelman and Sabine Ottilie
Julie Park
Edward Phelan
Larry Plotkin and Debra Yellen
Sathya and Parvathi Pokala
Dr. Lee R. Polk and Robert Betzer
Sandra and David Polster
Mary and Marty Pope
Professor Susan Shirk
Dean and Sharon Popp
Jeff Quinn
Erin Gourley Reid
Paula Rivera
Sheryl Rowling 
Rosalia Salinas
Mary Margaret Saxton
Gretchen Louise Schafer
Steve and Claudia Scherer
Todd Schultz
Selati Family Fund 
John Sheridan
Drs. Bella and Alexander Silverman
Sinship Spirits
Marilyn and Brian Smith
Holland M Smith II
Robert Snider
Glynn and Lisa Spangenberg
Craig Starkey
Rebecca and Mitchell Steller
Nancy and Charles Stewart
Dr. Mary Strobbe
Emily Renee Stroebel
Helga and Sam Strong
Derek Stults
Morgan Suarez
Harry V. Summer
Suzanne and William Sutton
Susie and Steve Swinton 
Elliot Tarson
Phoebe and Eugene Telser
Thomas Templeton
Richard Thill and Niru Ramachandran
Mike Tierney and Andrea Migdal
Janis Vanderford
John Walsh
Rex and Kathy Warburton
Carol and Thomas Warschauer
Bethel and William Watt
Mike Weinberg
Steven Weindling
Jonathan and Janet White
Marshall Whittlesey
Joyce Williams
Carol and Dennis Wilson
Carolyn and Eric Witt
Norah and William Wolff
Wood Groves
Derek Woodman
Britt Zeller

Memorial Gifts

In memory of Diana J. Barliant
Davila Family Fund

In Memory of Jane Bastien
Barbara Kjos

In Loving Memory of Beloved Husband and Supporter of the Arts, Chris Bohannon
Gail Jeanne Anderson

In Memory of Marjorie Cannon
Christopher and Sharon Bisgaard

In Memory of Robert B. Crouch
Elisabeth Crouch

In Memory of Dallis Ferguson
Linda Anne Ferguson

In Memory of Richard Ferrara
Miriam Davis

In Memory of trombonist Richard Gordon
Bill Teague

In Memory of Maria S. Gutierrez
Carmen Angelina Gutierrez

In Memory of Jerry Hirshberg
Joan and Irwin Jacobs 

In Memory of Charles Kenny
Cathleen Kenny

In Memory of Lael Kovtun
Barbara Bloom
Martha and Edward Dennis
Elaine Galinson & Herbert Solomon 
Joan and Irwin Jacobs 
Sandria and Stephen Kohl
Leo and Emma Zuckerman

In Memory of Jim Lester
Pamela Lester

In Memory of Arthur Levinson
Linda and Shearn Platt 

In Memory of Harriett Mallory
Kris and Pam Mallory and Linda Dawson

In Memory of Alex McDonald
Carol Ann and George Lattimer

In Memory of Neil Morgan
Judith B. Morgan

In Memory of Thomas A. Morgan
Dr. Peter Czipott and Marisa SorBello
Deborah Edge
Bradford Hutchins
Nancy and Robert Morgan
Celia and Sal Sutera
Eileen Wingard

In Memory of Jim and Molly Nelson
Mary Smith, Jim Nelson and David Nelson

In Memory of Richard Olson
Raquel Olson

In Memory of Shearn Platt
Barbara Bloom
Lee and Frank Goldberg

In Memory of Virginia Reed
Richard and Karen Pond
Marie Southgate

In Memory of Judy Rosen
Greg Gelbr
Elana Hamovitch
Anna Marie Iacobelli
Milena Martinez
Terri Schaeffer
Bruce and Theresa Searing

In Memory of Sylvia Smolen
Helen Blinder

In Memory of Judith Stainrook
The Stainbrook Foundation

In Memory of John M. and Patricia K. Tarle
John Tarle

In Memory of Eugene Tesler
Phoebe and Eugene Telser

In Memory of Mel Wasserman
Barbara Bloom
Linda and Shearn Platt
Elaine Galinson and Herbert Solomon

In Memory of Irene Weinrieb
Ilja and Pamela Weinrieb

In Memory of Phil Weiss
Mimi and Lois Buckwalter
Patricia Nelson
Terry Selty

In Memory of Joan Zelickman
Eileen Wingard

Honoraria Gifts

In Honor of Mandy and Steve Dershem
Nick Newcombe

In Honor of Martha Gilmer and Maria Araujo
“Mimi” Lee

In Honor of Mel Goldzband
Fern and David Bryman
Dr. Robert and Fran Preisman
Norman and Barbara Rozansky

In Honor of Ben Haddad
The Ryde Family Memorial Foundation

In Honor of Laura Irvin in gratitude for the love of symphony music
Lisa Kaufmann

In Honor of Joan and Irwin Jacobs
Robert Snider

In Honor of Warren Kessler
Ellen and Bill Whelan
Gayle M. Lennard

In Honor of Judy Rosen and her family
Christina Iacobelli

In Honor of Sarah Skuster and Eric Starr
Sharon E. Starr

In Honor of Dave Snyder
Sheryl and Rick Davidson
Nancy and Mike Garrett
The Ryde Family Memorial Foundation

In Honor of Concertmaster Jeff Thayer
Philip Poth

In Honor of Margarita and Philip Wilkinson
Kathleen Einspanier

In Honor of Eileen Wingard
Susan Page
Ilana Hirschfeld
Daniel and Kaylee Brogadir
Rebekah and Glen Campbell
Pat Francis
Dr. Raulf Polichar

In Recognition of Mitch Woodbury who was named Lifetime Director of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra
Lana and Roger Brenes

In Honor of Dorothy Zeavin
Eileen Wingard