Beethoven Society Members

The San Diego Symphony Orchestra expresses our deep gratitude to the following family of supporters for their visionary philanthropy. Members of The Beethoven Society make extraordinary multi-year commitments that ensure a secure foundation for the growth and vitality of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra.

$5 Million and above

Joan and Irwin Jacobs

$1 Million and above

Phyllis and Daniel Epstein
Audrey Geisel
Dorothea Laub

$500,000 and above

Doctor Bob and Mao Shillman

$200,000 and above

Rita and Richard Atkinson
Terry Atkinson and Kathy Taylor
Una Davis and Jack McGrory
Silvija and Brian Devine
Sam Ersan
Esther Fischer
Pam and Hal Fuson
Karen and Warren Kessler
Dr. William and Evelyn Lamden
Carol Lazier and James Merritt
Linda and Shearn Platt
Robert Glenn Rapp Foundation
Penny and Louis Rosso
Karen and Kit Sickels
Karen and Jeff Silberman
Gayle and Donald Slate
Dave and Phyllis Snyder
Gloria and Rodney Stone
Haeyoung Tang
Sylvia and Roger Thieme
Jayne and Bill Turpin
Mitchell Woodbury


For information about supporting the San Diego Symphony Orchestra through membership in the Beethoven Society,
please call Tania Batson at (619) 615-3908.