Legacy Society Members

The Legacy Society honors the following outstanding individuals who have committed a gift from their estate to the San Diego Symphony Foundation and/or to the San Diego Symphony Orchestra's Annual Fund to ensure the success of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra Association for generations to come.
If you would like to join the Legacy Society, please contact Tania Batson at 619.615.3908 or e-mail tbatson@sandiegosymphony.org.

Alfred F. Antonicelli
Pat Baker and Laurence Norquist
William Beamish
Stephen and Michele Beck-von-Peccoz
Alan Benaroya
Rosanne B. and W. Gregory Berton
Dr. James L. Bowers
Lt. Margaret L Boyce USN
Dennis and Lisa Bradley
Gordon Brodfuerher
Sophie & Arthur Brody Foundation
Joseph H. Brooks and Douglas Walker
Julia Brown
Margaret and David Brown
Roberta and Malin Burnham
Robert Caplan and Carol Randolph
The Carton Charitable Trust
Barbara and Paul Chacon
Melanie and Russ Chapman
Nikki A. and Ben G. Clay
Catherie Cleary
Warrine and Ted Cranston
Elisabeth and Robert Crouch
Peter V. Czipott and Marisa SorBello
Caroline S. DeMar
Penny and Harold Dokmo, Jr.
Arthur S. Ecker
Elizabeth and Newell A. Eddy
Jeanne and Morey Feldman
Esther and Bud Fischer
Teresa and Merle Fishlowitz
Margaret A. Flickinger
John Forrest and Deborah Pate
Norman Forrester and Bill Griffin
Pauline Foster
Judith and Dr. William Friedel
Pam and Hal Fuson
Carol J. Gable
Edward B. Gill
Joyce Glazer
Nancy and Fred Gloyna
Muriel Gluck
Madeline and Milton Goldberg
Helene Grant
Dorothy and Waldo Greiner
Alice Dyer
Susan and Paul Hering
Joan and Irwin Jacobs
Marjory Kaplan
Barbara M. Katz
Patricia A. Keller
Karen and Warren Kessler
Anne and Takashi Kiyoizumi
Evelyn and William Lamden
Carol Lazier and James Merritt
Inge Lehman
Leonard Abrahms
Sandra and Arthur Levinson
Beatrice P. and Charles W. Lynds
Gladys Madoff
Pamela Mallory
Richard Manion
Patricia and Peter Matthews
Elizabeth R. Mayer
Vance M. McBurney
Antoinette Chaix McCabe
Una Davis and Jack McGrory
Sandra Miner
Riley Mixson and Carol Young
Judith A. Moore
Ermen and Fred Moradi
Mona and Sam Morebello
Joani Nelson
Helen and Joseph R. Nelson
Mariellen Oliver
Elizabeth and Dene Oliver
Val and Ron Ontell
Steven Penhall
Margaret F. Peninger
Pauline Peternella
Marilyn James and Richard Phetteplace
Shona Pierce
Linda and Shearn Platt
Robert Plimpton
Elizabeth Poltere
Sheila Potiker
Jim Price and Joan Sieber
Anne Ratner
Sarah Marsh-Rebelo and John Rebelo
Ellen C. Revelle
Debra Thomas Richter and Mark Richter
Dr. Arno Safier
Joan and Jack Salb
Craig Schloss
Melynnique and Edward Seabrook
Pat Shank
Kathleen and Lewis Shuster
Karen and Kit Sickels
Drs. Bella and Alexander Silverman
Stephen M. Silverman
Judith Harris and Dr. Robert Singer
Gayle and Donald Slate
Lyn Small and Miguel Ikeda
Linda and Bob Snider
Dave and Phyllis Snyder
Elaine Galinson and Herbert Solomon
Suellen and James Sorenson
Pat Stein
Richard Stern
Marjorie A. Stettbacher
Susan B. Stillings
Joyce and Ted Strauss
Gene Summ
Miriam Summ
Sheryl Sutton
Elizabeth and Joseph Taft
Joyce and Joseph Timmons
Harriet and Maneck Wadia
Pauline and Ralph Wagner
Betty and Phillip Ward Fund
Sue and Bill Weber
Martha Jean Winslow
Marga Winston
Edward Witt
Eric Witt
David A. Wood
Mitchell R. Woodbury
Zarbock 1990 Trust
LeAnna S. Zevely
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Ziring