Partner with a Player

The San Diego Symphony Orchestra gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the following donors for their membership in the Partner with a Player program and their profound impact on the orchestra. Partner with a Player members enjoy the unique opportunity to personally connect with the orchestra and engage with the Symphony in meaningful ways.
The San Diego Symphony Partner with a Player page is updated monthly. The following listing reflects pledges and gifts entered as of January 1, 2022.

San Diego Foundation    Rancho Santa Fe Foundation     Jewish Community Foundation    Deceased ⟡

$100,000 AND ABOVE

Rafaela and John Belanich
Chris Smith, Principal Trumpet

Audrey Geisel,
  Dr. Seuss Foundation 
Jahja Ling, Conductor Laureate

Phyllis and Daniel Epstein
Sheryl Renk, Principal Clarinet

Joan and Irwin Jacobs 
Martha Gilmer, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Bob and June Shillman and
   Maxwell Louis Shillman
Greg Cohen, Principal Percussion

$50,000 – $99,999

Kathy Taylor and Terry Atkinson
Igor Pandurski, Violin

San Diego Symphony Musicians

Kevin and Jan Curtis
Nancy Lochner, Associate Principal Viola

Una Davis and Jack McGrory
Susan Wulff, Associate Principal Bass

Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Devine
San Diego Symphony Musicians

Sam B. Ersan
Valentin Martchev, Principal Bassoon
Julie Phillips, Principal Harp

Esther and Bud Fischer 
Ethan Pernela, Viola

Carol and Richard Hertzberg
Nick Grant, Principal Associate
Concertmaster Emeritus

Karen and Warren Kessler
Chi-Yuan Chen, Principal Viola

Dr. William and Evelyn Lamden
Andrea Overturf, Oboe

Carol Lazier and James Merritt
Sarah Skuster, Principal Oboe
Sarah Tuck, Flute

Judy McDonald
Gerard McBurney, Creative Consultant

Linda and Shearn Platt 
Benjamin Jaber, Principal Horn

Penny and Louis Rosso
Andrew Watkins,
Assistant Principal Timpani

Colette Carson Royston and Ivor Royston 
Yeh Shen, Violin

Karen and Kit Sickels
Jeremy Kurtz-Harris, Principal Bass

Karen and Jeff Silberman 
Jisun Yang, Assistant Concertmaster

Gayle and Donald Slate 
Angela Homnick, Violin

Dave and Phyllis Snyder
Julia Pautz, Violin

Gloria and Rodney Stone 
Paul ("P.J.") Cinque, Bass

Haeyoung Tang
San Diego Symphony Musicians

Sylvia Steding and Roger Thieme
Nicole Sauder, Violin

Jayne and Bill Turpin
San Diego Symphony Musicians

Mitchell Woodbury
Douglas Hall, Horn

$25,000 – $49,999

Gordon Brodfuehrer
Kenneth Liao, Violin
Elyse Lauzon, Horn

Pam and Jerry Cesak
Samuel Hager, Bass

Nikki A. and Ben G. Clay
Mary Szanto, Cello

Karen and Donald Cohn
Hanah Stuart,
Acting Associate Principal Second Violin

Anne L. Evans
Wesley Precourt,
Associate Concertmaster

Lisette and Mick Farrell/
Farrell Family Foundation
Navroj ("Nuvi") Mehta,
Concert Commentator

Pam and Hal Fuson
Courtney Cohen, Principal Librarian

Elaine Galinson & Herbert Solomon 
Yumi Cho, Violin

Sandra and Arthur Levinson 
Kyle Covington, Principal Trombone

Eileen Mason
Rose Lombardo, Principal Flute

Monica and Robert Oder
Erin Dowrey, Percussion

Deborah Pate and John Forrest
Jeff Thayer, Concertmaster

The Potiker Family in memory of
Sheila and Hughes Potiker 
Sarah Schwartz, Violin

Allison and Robert Price 
San Diego Symphony Musicians

Raghu and Shamala Saripalli
Chia-Ling Chien,
Associate Principal Cello

Elizabeth and Joseph Taft
Wanda Law, Viola

Sue and Bill Weber 
Jing Yan Bowcott, Violin

Kathryn and James Whistler 
Rachel Fields, Librarian

Sheryl and Harvey White
Alexander Palamidis,
   Principal Second Violin

$15,000 – $24,999

Hernan Constantino, Violin

Nathan Walhout, Cello

Warren and Eloise Batts
Alicia Engley, Violin

Michael Blasgen
Tricia Skye, Horn

Dr. Anthony Boganey
Logan Chopyk, Trombone

Julia R. Brown
Leyla Zamora, Bassoon and Contrabassoon

Kathleen Seely Davis
Qing Liang, Viola

Karin and Gary Eastham
San Diego Symphony, Viola Chair

Jill Gormley and Laurie Lipman
Frank Renk, Bass Clarinet

Judith Harris and Dr. Robert Singer
Michael Marks, Bass

Marilyn James and Richard Phetteplace
John Stubbs, Violin

Jo Ann Kilty
Marcia Bookstein, Cello

Dr. Marshall J. Littman
San Diego Symphony, Cello Chair

Rena Minisi and Rich Paul,
Paul Plevin Sullivan & Connaughton, LLP
Ryan Simmons, Bassoon

Riley Mixson
Theresa Tunnicliff, Clarinet

Val and Ron Ontell
Darby Hinshaw, Assistant Principal & Utility Horn

Jane and Jon Pollock
San Diego Symphony, Flute Chair

Sally and Steve Rogers
Kyle Mendiguchia, Bass Trombone

Seltzer Caplan McMahon Vitek
Pei-Chun Tsai, Violin

Jayne and Brigg Sherman
Rodion Belousov, Oboe

Stephen M. Silverman
Ai Nihira Awata, Violin

Jeanette Stevens
Kathryn Hatmaker, Violin

Dr. Miriam Summ
Richard Levine, Cello

Linda and Raymond Thomas -
R.V. Thomas Family Fund 
Ray Nowak, Trumpet

Isabelle and Mel Wasserman
Andrew Hayhurst, Cello

Judy Gaze-Zygowicz and John Zygowicz
Johanna Nowik, Viola

For more information, or to join Partner with a Player,
please contact Vice President of Institutional Advancement Sheri Broedlow at (805) 637-4948 or