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Share the Music!
A San Diego Symphony Orchestra Education Initiative

Music has the power to transform lives. With your help, the San Diego Symphony Orchestra can make a difference. Due to changes in school curricula across San Diego County, thousands of young people no longer have access to music education in their schools. They depend on San Diego Symphony Orchestra Education and Community Engagement programs to fill the void and provide a necessary and vital component of their education. 

An understanding and appreciation of music is an important component of a well-rounded education that not only improves student aptitude in a variety of other subjects, but also results in a stronger, more intelligent and more cultured community. By making a contribution to San Diego Symphony Orchestra Education and Community Engagement programs, you help Share the Music with all of San Diego, especially its schoolchildren. Your gift will ensure that the youngest members of our community have a brighter and more vibrant future for years to come.

Our mission is to create art that is accessible and inspirational through innovative programming and a strong commitment to arts education. Your continued confidence and support of the Orchestra as it moves forward into a new century of performance and community engagement demonstrates that you share in this mission. Together we can make a difference and continue to nourish the lives of many.

Please help us continue our mission to make music accessible to all by making your donation today.

For more information contact Paige Kobdish at 619.615.3901 or