Music Learning

San Diego Symphony receives VAPA Spotlight CREATIVE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Award!

The San Diego Symphony has been selected to receive the Visual and Performing Arts Spotlight CREATIVE COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT Award as part of the San Diego Unified School District’s VAPA Spotlight Awards in recognition of our organization’s success in advancing the Visual and Performing Arts in the San Diego Unified School District.

The award recognizes the impact and resilience of the Symphony's Learning and Community Engagement programs in serving and inspiring students and educators in the largest district in our County.

The San Diego Symphony is very committed and involved in this district; offering a large range of programs in support of general and differentiated music education. The programs range from concerts for the very young, to music performance skill development of various levels according to individual schools, to instrumental master classes and job training programs for students of more mature ages. The programs take place in person, virtually or in a hybrid mode; during or after the school day. And it is not an exaggeration to state that our team, and many on the Symphony staff and in the community who assist us, witness how the Symphony Changes lives through Music at every instance!

The award is an important recognition of the work of the orchestra as a whole, and of that of a large number of its members who have been involved in producing Learning and Community Engagement programs. It is also a recognition of the work of numerous staff members, from many other departments, that together with the LCE team make the design and production of the programs impeccable. CONGRATULATIONS ALL!