San Diego Shows

The venue offering the most diverse and eclectic concert lineup is none other than the San Diego Symphony. With two premier concert venues, the Embarcadero and Jacobs Music Center, locals and tourists alike can enjoy over 150 shows right here in San Diego.

And these aren’t your traditional San Diego shows. No, these are unforgettable and extraordinary shows. They continually put a new take on the San Diego music concert scene.

Unique & Different Shows

The concert show lineup is anything but traditional at the San Diego Symphony. With the revolutionary Summer Pop series, they blend pop culture with classical sound. The most well-known shows are the ones during Comic Con. These contemporary shows bring sci-fi into the mix.

Classical Shows

For music lovers looking to enjoy classical shows, the San Diego Symphony is just the spot. The Jacob Masterworks series is dedicated to preserving the greats in classical music.

Film Showings 

Want an easy introduction to the orchestra? Pair an evening out to some of your favorite movies with the San Diego Symphony. These shows combine a classic movie with the orchestra playing to the soundtrack. Nothing ordinary or boring about that experience!