Family Concerts

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Our Family Series concerts are the perfect way for you and your child to explore the world of the symphony orchestra together. Every concert includes pre-concert activities in the lobby that provide hands-on opportunities to learn more about the instruments of the orchestra and music-making. Series costs $24 per child age 12 and under, and $44 or $88 per adult.


The Science of Sound


The Science of Sound

We bet you didn’t think a scientist and a musician had anything in common, but there’s science in music and beauty in science. Children will put on their scientist’s goggles to take a closer look at the DNA of music and how music moves us. Goggles not included, but imagination is required for this performance.


Noel Noel


Noel Noel

Every holiday season there is just one activity for the family that makes the season feel especially joyful, and that's the San Diego Symphony's traditional celebration of the music of Christmas, including a sing-along for the whole audience! Treat yourself and your family to a celebration that is sure to fill your hearts and put a smile on your face.


Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra


A Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra

Where does a bassoon come from? Is a French horn really French? In this introduction to the orchestra, we’ll explore how instruments have been created over time to tell a story and how technology has shaped how we create sound. We’ll use both our imagination and problem-solving skills as we dive into the basics of an orchestra.


Peter and The Wolf


Peter and The Wolf: The Prokofiev Classic

This symphonic fairy tale tells the story of a young boy who outsmarts a wolf. Each character is portrayed by a different instrument and children will recognize the bird’s flute, the wolf’s three horns and the cat’s clarinet throughout the story. Children will love this musical fairy tale and learn all about musical composition in this beloved classic.