Family Concert Series: featuring Noel Noel Family and Play Me A Story: The Firebird

Explore the world of the symphony orchestra with your family! Pre-concert activities in the lobby at every performance provide hands-on opportunities to learn more about the instruments of the orchestra and music-making. These interactive activities start one hour before concert time — plan to arrive early!

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painting of firebird in tree

Sun Oct 25, 2PM

Play me a Story: The Firebird

Learn musical concepts such as rhythm, melody, harmony, and discover the unique qualities of each instrument section of the orchestra as a narrator leads us through a journey of musical storytelling. With Stravinsky’s original music from the ballet, the Firebird comes alive with dancers and stunning visual elements, and the fairytale story of an enchanted prince and princess brought to life.

children's choir singing in front of Christmas wreath

Sun Dec 13, 2PM

Noel Noel Family

The San Diego Symphony invites you to make Copley Symphony Hall your home for the holidays at our annual “Noel Noel” Family concert. Amp up your Christmas mood with a selection of favorite holiday classics. Sing your heart out with the symphony during the audience-sing-along. The whole family will enjoy this festive afternoon concert!

San Diego Symphony musicians performing onstage

Sun Feb 14, 2PM

Orchestra as Ecosystem

Experience the orchestra as one magnificent musical ecosystem! Within an ecosystem, balance is key in maintaining harmonious interaction between organisms and their environment. Balance is also a vital component in music. A composer’s concern for balance can be heard in the orchestration of musical parts and manipulation of musical texture. Musical aspects of each ecosystem are performed by specific instruments, sections and instrument families! We'll explore various ecosystems to understand the role of living organisms to sustain a balanced environment and hear how various sections of the orchestra create balance in a musical composition.

Violin imposed over image of a galaxy

Sun Apr 25, 2PM

Symphony in Space

Enlist in Symphonic Starforce, board the Sonic Spaceship, and set a course for intergalactic adventure!

The galaxy is in danger: The audience is recruited by the Starforce General to employ musical maneuvers in a cosmic race to save the galaxy. During their mission, the cadets must repair the ship's Rhythm Reactor and Dynamic Thruster, as well as navigate a treacherous Pitch Propulsion Field in order to save the galaxy from total destruction. Featuring classic and modern orchestral favorites paired with dynamic visuals and video, this concert it is an irresistibly engaging journey!