FAQ/Tips for Digital Content Viewing

FAQ/Tips for Digital Content Viewing:

1. What internet browsers do you recommend for San Diego Symphony livestreams?

The recommended browsers for viewing are Chrome 30+, Firefox 27+, Microsoft Edge, or Safari 9+. Internet Explorer will not work well with the video stream.

2. I already paid for my livestream concert, how do I now watch the performance?

Digital All-Access Passholders and single concert registrants will receive a reminder email the morning or day of the performance with a direct login link from tickets@sandiegosymphony.org. Please make sure to check your junk/spam folder.

Alternatively, at any time you can go to "My Account" atop any page of our website and enter the same login you used to buy the concert or your Digital All-Access Pass. Upon logging in, you will be forwarded to the video content page. If you have trouble accessing your account please email tickets@sandiegosymphony.org for assistance. (Note: if you login close to showtime, you may be placed for a few moments in a Virtual Waiting Room. See item 12 below for more.)

At 5PM on broadcast days, a new content graphic will appear in your Digital Content if you purchased individually. Follow this link to view the concert live. (Otherwise, follow the Digital All-Access Pass graphic if you are a Passholder.) The livestream will begin at 7PM. If you get to the view page after the start time you will not be able to start the program over from the top, so be sure to log in early. (Note: attempting to login just before the livestream stream begins may result in you being placed in a Virtual Waiting Room for a few moments before proceeding to the concert. See item 12 below.) Once the livestream is complete, you will be able to watch again from the beginning. Classical programs will be accessible through December 31, 2021. Other programs will be available for one month after the livestream.

3. Will patrons need to login to view the event?

Yes, you will be required to  login to your account at www.sandiegosymphony.org. You can do this anytime to watch content you've already purchased by going to "My Account" atop any of our web pages. This video demonstrates the login process:

4. Will patrons be able to access concerts from YouTube or public pages of our website?

Different from what we’ve done in the past, these exclusive-access concerts will not be available to view on either public pages of our website or our YouTube channel. Only patrons who have paid for access to these concerts will have exclusive access to this content by logging in to My Account on our website. This video shows how to navigate your account's Digital Content page:

5. Can I watch these concerts on my television?

Yes. The most reliable streaming experience of these concerts can be achieved by connecting your computer and your television with an HDMI cable. If you have an existing at-home set up with a SmartTV or one that allows you to stream, cast or mirror to your television set, you may also use that method to watch our performances on additional devices.

Apple TV viewers: Tap the viewer control to make the concert "full screen"; look for and follow the "Airplay" button,
and then follow the prompts and look for your Apple TV. If you've never connected your phone to Apple TV before, go to Apple TV Support for help. We recommend you try this setup well before the livestream happens.

We are happy to provide some useful tips on how to watch these exclusive-access performances on other devices; however, we are unable to provide technical support for TV streaming. (Celebrity Series of Boston has provided a few more helpful details for optimizing a digital viewing experience - just keep in mind that their links are applicable mainly to just their concerts.)

6. Can more than one member of my household view this concert?

Yes, anyone in your household may view the event using the link we send you in the reminder e-mail, or by using your login to My Account. Please direct other households to make a separate purchase to access the performance.

7. If I’ve misplaced my reminder email, how can I access the performance stream?

Please go to "My Account" atop any page of our website and enter the same login you used to buy the concert or your All-Access Pass. Upon logging in, you will be forwarded to the video content page. If you have trouble accessing your account please email tickets@sandiegosymphony.org for assistance.

8. How long will these concerts be available for viewing?

All classical programs included on the Digital All-Access Pass will be available for on-demand viewing through December 31, 2021. Single concert registrants will be able to view their concert through that date as well. Special programming will normally be available for 30 days after the livestream.

9. How do I control the volume?

In addition to the regular sound capabilities of your chosen viewing device, there is a volume control button inside the video stream of the concert that is located in the lower right corner of the Vimeo video frame. On some devices this defaults to "mute," so check here first if there is no sound! (This is lower left for YouTube.)

10. Can I control the video resolution?

Yes, there is a video resolution control located in the lower right corner of the video frame of the streaming concert.  It usually defaults to "auto" to adjust to your bandwidth automatically, but if you choose to control this more manually, that option is available when viewing.

11. Can I make the video full screen?

Yes, there is an option to view the video in full screen mode.  That option is located in the lower right corner of the video frame.  To exit full screen mode at any time, you can press the "Esc" button to return to the main viewing page.

12. I have been put in a Virtual Waiting Room when I tried to access My Account. Why am I here?

The Virtual Waiting Room is set up to ensure that the overall viewing experience is not disrupted by an extraordinary number of patrons logging into the website at exactly the same time. It may take a few moments until you are forwarded through to the login page, but please do not back out or close your window, as this moves you to the back of the line. Logging in 20 minutes before the livestream should ensure that you can bypass the Waiting Room.

Virtual Waiting Room may look something like this: