Family Concerts 2017-18

Get ready for adventure! Our Family Concert Series, led by Associate Conductor Sameer Patel, shows adults and kids alike the thrilling heart of classical music that can tell stories, transport us to different worlds, put us in the middle of dramatic events and express the true meaning of the holiday season.

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Season Calendar

SUN OCT 15  |  2pm

1001 Symphonic Tales

Sameer Patel, conductor

Every story is better with music! Come dive into the wonder of Rimsky-Korsakov’s adventure-filled masterpiece Scheherazade and discover how a composer can conjure exotic worlds using just a few magical musical seeds.


SUN DEC 17  |  2pm

Noel Noel—A Family Concert

Sameer Patel, conductor

Who doesn’t love holiday music? Gathering together as a family, listening to timeless classics and singing along to your favorite carols is a traditional everyone enjoys!  In one short afternoon concert, you’ll see and hear the Symphony, and maybe even a certain jolly North Pole resident!


SUN FEB 25  |  2pm

Beat Quest! A Music Journey through Rhythm, Time and Place

Sameer Patel, conductor

Music is a passport that can take our imagination to a certain time and place. From swingin’ jazz, to the Habanera from Carmen to Beethoven’s symphonies, we’ll explore how these beats came to be, and how distinctive rhythms transport us to cities like Vienna, Seville and New Orleans. All aboard!



SUN MAR 18  |  2pm

Tchaikovsky Deconstructed

Sameer Patel, conductor

Melodies. Cannons. Fireworks. Lots of people recognize the famous 1812 Overture, but few know the story behind it. What inspired Tchaikovsky to write this piece? With the help of actors from San Diego Junior Theatre, we’ll look at the creative process, take this piece apart and put it back together to discover how this Russian composer built a masterpiece for all time.




Introducing Mr. Crabberton, who will guide us through the season!