New Jacobs Music Center FAQ

Some Frequently Asked Questions about the renovated Jacobs Music Center.

No, but you will have priority to select new seats. All of the seats were removed from the hall, and the seating orientation was improved: visually, aurally, the relationship to the stage and the overall accessibility, so the seating map is different from what it was before the renovation. However, as a subscriber you will be seated with priority, ahead of any new subscribers or subscribers with less priority, in accordance with your desired series and seating requests. See the new Seating Maps.
That depends on your preference! All of the seats were replaced and reoriented toward the stage, so we believe every seat in the hall is a good one, and much better than they were before. Downstairs, we have created a new intimacy, with fewer seats underneath the second level, and those that are underneath are now elevated so they have better line-of-sight and acoustics than before. See the new Seating Maps.
Each of our Masterworks “day of week” packages have an A, B and C package. Package A encompasses all of the programs taking place on that day; packages B and C each feature half of the programs taking place on that day of the week. There is also a Friday M packages that presents three Friday morning matinee performances at 11am.
Yes! New food and beverage options will be available at the new Jacobs Music Center, and while we can’t share the details of that yet, we look forward to sharing them soon. In addition – and one thing we can share with you now – is that subscribers will have the opportunity to make reservations at the University Club atop Symphony Towers prior to concerts on Friday and Saturday nights, which is a fantastic and convenient new perk for our subscribers.
There are many garages located within a short walking distance of JMC. $2 for every 15 minutes up to $30 during the day and anywhere between $15-$20 nights and weekends depending on length of time parked.
  • 750 B St / Symphony Towers
  • 701 B St / Bank of America bldg.
  • 600 B St / WeWork/U-T bldg.
  • 401 B St / Wells Fargo Plaza bldg.
  • 1350 6th Ave / 6th and A garage
There is also street parking available around JMC.
One of the primary goals in this renovation was to increase the accessibility and access into the building and the concert hall, and throughout the concert hall itself. For now, all persons restricted to wheelchair access should enter the Jacobs Music Center from B Street. A future renovation phase will more easily accommodate wheelchair entrance from Seventh Avenue.