Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB)

The San Diego Symphony Orchestra Association is committed to equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging. Music is an expression of our humanity, which is why we value bringing together unique voices—each formed by individual background, distinct circumstance and singular life experience—to harmonize and create life-changing encounters.

We are committed to being an agent of change; countering systems of oppression and injustice that have reinforced inequities in race, gender and class within our society and institutions, including many of the traditional organizational constructs within classical music. The orchestra performs and commissions music by BIPOC* composers, engages guest artists and guest conductors that reflect and connect with its increasingly diverse audience, and employs pro-diversity audition and hiring strategies. The institution’s EDIB work continues to focus on long-term, systemic change to ensure that both internally and externally we are fostering a culture that champions equity, celebrates diversity, includes the voices of the community we serve, and instills a sense of belonging for all.

*Black, indigenous, or person of color.