Auditions - San Diego Symphony

Welcome to the San Diego Symphony's Auditions Page.

We are thrilled to have Rafael Payare as our Music Director. Thank you for considering an audition for our orchestra!

The following auditions are announced:

no auditions announced at this time

To Apply for Any Current Audition:

Follow this link:

A complete audition application must include:

  • Online Application
  • Resumé (Submitted via application form)
  • Refundable Audition Deposit (further details provided on application)

Applications and deposit checks must be received by the published application deadline. Please do not mail any applications. All candidates that submit a completed application will receive an audition time.

Musicians with diverse backgrounds, identities and experiences are encouraged to apply. For questions regarding the audition process, please email:

If experiencing any possible COVID symptoms, please do not attend the audition. Testing may be required if symptomatic at the audition.

Sheet Music 

Below are two sources when looking for public domain sheet music:

Musician Employment

Employment will begin based on the winner’s availability and the San Diego Symphony schedule, preferably no later than September 2024.

The current San Diego Symphony Orchestra CBA states the following for the 2023-24 Season:

  • 42 Week Contract: 37 playing weeks plus 5 vacation weeks. 
  • Minimum Annual Scale is $92,021 plus $3,000 Electronic Media Guarantee.
  • Overscale for Principals: 33.5%.
  • Overscale for Associate Principals: 20%.
  • Benefits include: medical and dental insurance, long and short-term disability insurance, life insurance, instrument insurance and a pension plan contribution.

The San Diego Symphony encourages applications from persons of all backgrounds, and all applicants will be invited to audition without shortlisting.