ViolinJing Yan Bowcott

A Chinese native, violinist Jing Yan Bowcott's musical talent has taken her throughout China, Europe and the United States. Encouraged by her musical parents, Ms. Bowcott began playing violin at age seven and won her first violin competition at age ten. She later entered Beijing's Central Conservatory of Music and continued her studies with a full scholarship to the Royal Academy of Music in London. After graduating with top honors (“Distinction”) and the Royal Academy’s highest diploma for her outstanding final performance, Ms. Bowcott continued her study in the United States with world renowned violin professor Mauricio Fuks at Indiana University. 

As an orchestra musician, Ms. Bowcott has worked with orchestras including Beijing Symphony, London Philharmonic, New World Symphony, Evansville Philharmonic, Owensboro Symphony, Elgin Symphony, Spoleto Festival Orchestra and Chicago Civic Orchestra. Her chamber music collaborations include Chicago Symphony Orchestra MusicNOW, La Jolla Music Society, Orchestra Nova and California Chamber Orchestra. She is the winner of the 1st Neimeng Violin Competition, the Winifred Solo Competition and the "Royal Academy Soloist" award in 1999 and 2001. Ms. Bowcott joined San Diego Symphony Orchestra in 2005 and recently served as Acting Associate Principal Violin II. 

Aside from music, Ms. Bowcott has a great interest in fashion, travel, fine food and interior design. 


Q: What are three of your favorite tunes or pieces in your iPod or mp3 or CD collection? 

A: Under the influence of my non-classical musician friends, I started to enjoy listening to pop music. A few of the 2011 Grammy®-nominated songs are my favorites right now. 

Q: How did you choose your instrument? 

A: As a child, I drew whenever I could and loved to dance, but mostly I was interested in music. Violin was the only instrument my father could afford so he gave me my first violin lesson and decided that's what I was going to do for the rest of my life! 

Q: What are your favorite travel destinations? 

A: I love going to China, not only because my family lives there, but China has also become one of the most interesting places to visit. There is always something new and exciting to explore and the mix of traditional Chinese and western culture is fascinating and vibrant. 

Q: What do you love most about San Diego (other than the weather)? 

A: I love the people here. It might be because of the beautiful weather, people are so laid back and easy-going. I always feel welcomed. 

Q: Where might you be found on a Saturday night if the Orchestra is not performing? 

A: I will be at home cooking for friends or out at my favorite restaurants with friends... 

Q: The non-musical accomplishment you are most proud of is…?

A: I did a 14km marathon with my brother. We won 4th place. 

Q: What is your favorite San Diego Symphony Orchestra memory? 

A: Winning the audition on Dec 6, 2005 has allowed me to continue making new great memories every day in San Diego.