ClarinetSheryl Renk


Sheryl Renk is the Principal Clarinetist of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. She was the Principal Clarinetist of the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra for ten years and was formerly an acting member of the San Francisco Symphony for four years. During that time Ms. Renk joined the orchestra on several European, Asian and United States tours, and she performed on numerous San Francisco Symphony recordings.

Ms. Renk has appeared as soloist with several orchestras as well as a duo performance with renowned clarinet soloist Richard Stoltzman. She has also performed on many movie and commercial soundtracks, mostly recorded at the famed Skywalker Ranch in Marin County.

Ms. Renk completed her music education at San Francisco State University and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music where she studied with Donald Carroll. She continued her clarinet studies with Rosario Mazzeo, formerly with the Boston Symphony Orchestra. 

Festivals attended include the Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival, the Mainly Mozart Festival in San Diego, the La Jolla SummerFest Chamber Music Festival, the Durango Music Festival in Colorado, the Cascade Music Festival in Oregon, the Carmel Bach Festival and the Bear Valley Music Festival. Ms. Renk is the Clarinet Professor at San Diego State University. 


Q: What is your favorite music in your iPod/mp3/CD collection? 

A: I enjoy jazz and music by The Beatles

Q: What are three of your favorite movies? 

A: The Sound of MusicStar WarsSecrets and Lies

Q: What is your favorite travel destination? 

A: I love returning to the San Francisco Bay area where I’m from. 

Q: Who are some of your favorite composers? 

A: Mozart, Mahler, Prokofiev and Chopin

Q: What do you love most about San Diego (aside from the weather)? 

A: I love the beauty and positive spirit of the city. People are a bit more laid back here than other cities, so for the most part, more friendly. 

Q: What is your choice for dining in San Diego? 

A: C Level, Old Town Mexican Café, Cucina Urbana

Q: Where might you be found on a Saturday night if you’re not performing with the Orchestra? 

A: Spending time with my family. Maybe watching a movie, playing a game or just hanging out together. 

Q: The non-musical accomplishment you are most proud of is…?

A: Giving birth to my two sons. 

Q: What is your favorite San Diego Symphony Orchestra memory? 

A: My favorite memory is hearing the news that Irwin and Joan Jacobs gave a generous endowment gift to the Orchestra. I felt confident in leaving my job with the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra to come back to the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. I feel forever grateful to them. 

Q: The San Diego Symphony Orchestra is essential to San Diego because…?

A: Businesses tend to be attracted to a city rich in culture, including a great symphony orchestra. This is important to the financial stability of the city. But there’s more to it than that. People need beauty and nourishment for their soul in order to obtain emotional well-being. The Orchestra can play a large part in that nourishment, as we play an incredibly varied repertoire, really something for everyone. Listening to a live performance can elicit every imaginable feeling. A person can come away from a concert with gratification, contentment and pure joy. I once listened to our orchestra from the audience during a timpani audition. I was on the audition committee and the performance brought tears to my eyes. The grandeur, excitement and beauty of that live performance were amazing! My hope is that everyone can enjoy a performance in much the same way. Also, a concert is a wonderful opportunity for a special event. In other words, it’s perfect to share an afternoon or evening with friends and family. It's fun having dinner before, or dessert or drinks after the concert. It’s always a special and heart-warming experience!