Driven by intellectual and emotional curiosity, you might find the cultural omnivore catching and up-and-coming band on Friday night, kayaking in the La Jolla sea caves on Saturday, and discussing the similarities of Picasso and Rivera over Ramen at RakiRaki on Sunday. From the popular to the unexplored, the cultural omnivore is truly captivated by all forms of art and culture.

What's Happening at the Symphony
In the Musicians' Lounge with concertmaster Jeff Thayer

We caught up with concertmaster and violinist Jeff Thayer after rehearsal, where he absent-mindedly plucked strings on his violin while we chatted backstage. Jeff discussed his pre-concert rituals and the ... READ MORE

Not so silent: Showing "Metropolis" in the original Fox Theatre

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is one of the most beloved silent films – and sci-fi cult favorite – of all time. Released in 1927, Lang set out to make the biggest ... READ MORE

What's Happening at the Symphony
Life, liberty and the pursuit of music in the White House

Music “furnishes a delightful recreation for the hours of respite from the cares of the day, and lasts us through life," according to Thomas Jefferson – and it’s what we ... READ MORE

What's Happening at the Symphony
A piano, a bass and a legacy: An exploration of Ray Brown and Oscar Peterson

Jazz is a music genre that is so ingrained in our pop culture’s fabric that we can forget just how important and influential it actually is – at least, if ... READ MORE