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Driven by intellectual and emotional curiosity, you might find the cultural omnivore catching and up-and-coming band on Friday night, kayaking in the La Jolla sea caves on Saturday, and discussing the similarities of Picasso and Rivera over Ramen at RakiRaki on Sunday. From the popular to the unexplored, the cultural omnivore is truly captivated by all forms of art and culture.

What's Happening at the Symphony
On love and melodies with composer Adam Schoenberg

Father, husband, professor, composer, arranger – all are just a few of the nouns that can be used to describe Adam Schoenberg. Particularly, the first words he used – “family ... READ MORE

What's Happening at the Symphony
In the Musicians' Lounge: Gregory Cohen, principal percussionist

Principal percussionist Greg Cohen took a break between rehearsals to chat with us in the musicians’ lounge about how he gets the percussion ensemble ready for performance night and how his ... READ MORE

Rock, Bach and percussion with radio host AD Rowntree

The San Diego Symphony sat down with Rock 105.3 radio host and all-around cool guy, AD Rowntree, to talk about the similarities between rock and classical music and why he ... READ MORE

What's Happening at the Symphony
A conversation with Cliff Colnot

Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring exploded onto the cultural scene in 1913 and was initially met with rioting instead of applauding. It captures the energy and rhythm of the turn-of-century ... READ MORE