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April 2023 Donor Spotlight - Greg and Rosanne Berton

            Longtime patrons of the San Diego Symphony will remember The Berton Family Young People’s Concerts, which gave the gift of music to thousands of San Diego city school students over the years. These concerts were named after Greg and Rosanne Berton in appreciation for their years of involvement, dedication, and generosity toward the symphony. Greg played bass in the San Diego Symphony Orchestra for 33 years, served as Chairman of the Orchestra Committee, and sat on the board of directors. Rosanne enjoyed a 25-year administrative career in education and medicine at UCSD.

            Together, Greg and Rosanne created the Berton Family Charitable Trust, naming the San Diego Symphony as a beneficiary. “It’s a gift of thanks for the opportunity to spend my life in the thing that I love the most,” said Greg. “It’s a gift to all the people who worked so hard for the orchestra and cared enough about this art form to give it stability.” Their gift, set up as a charitable remainder trust, will be received by the San Diego Symphony next year at the end of a 15-year period, and will go a long way to support its programs and operations for years to come. “It’s that idea of paying it forward,” Rosanne added. “You never know what good can come out of your gift.”

            One area of the San Diego Symphony’s community engagement that Greg and Rosanne appreciate most is its music education programs. “I developed this attitude a long time ago,” Greg said, “that every child deserves to hear this music live. And every child deserves to have this music as part of their education.” The Young People’s Concerts, now called School Concerts, are part of that engagement and are set to resume in-person at the Jacobs Music Center after existing as a virtual program for several years due to Covid-19. “I can’t help but think of the far-reaching benefits to any kid sitting in the audience, any family member, or teacher who watches their student,” added Rosanne. “It’s just inspiring.” As we return to in-person experiences, the program will expand the Symphony’s work in schools, which will include chamber ensemble visits to schools, an 8 – 10 week classroom curriculum, and a culminating school concert at Jacobs Music Center which can be experienced live or online.

            With the Rady Shell at Jacobs Park beginning its third season in June 2023, and the grand re-opening of Jacobs Music Center, the San Diego Symphony is poised to make a major impact in the city and reach bigger and broader audiences than ever before. Greg and Rosanne, thank you for your support in developing a bright future for the symphony.

San Diego Symphony is proud to count the Bertons among our Legacy Society members.  If you are interested in more information about joining the Legacy Society, please contact Director of Advancement, Major Gifts and Planned Giving Jodie Graber at (619) 236-5409 or jgraber@sandiegosymphony.org.

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